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Dining Rooms


Seating Capacity 50 – 70

As you enter through the rustic wooden doors, a secret hideaway unfolds, leaving the urban world far behind. Resplendent with bougainvilleas, ferns, and other exotic lush foliage, the patio holds a tiled fountain and Koi pond. Wrought-iron candelabras impart soft light at night, while during the day the sunlight gently shines through the leaves of the open skylight.

For more information about our Garden Patio, email us at events@thelittledoor.com.


Winter Garden

Seating Capacity 24

Farther in through the patio, the Winter Garden offers the shelter of bamboo-lined ceiling, while still maintaining an open-air dining experience. The pure white walls, turquoise and azure blue trim and furniture evoke a Mediterranean atmosphere.

For more information about our Winter Garden, email us at events@thelittledoor.com.


Piano Room

Seating Capacity 20 – 25

Furnished with darkened wood and lit with candles in rustic iron sconces, the Piano Room calls to mind European country living. Looking out on the patio, the dining area offers a haven for romantic dining. A rich blend of music from around the world lilts through the air as the piano rests in the corner in the flickering light.

For more information about our Piano Room, email us at events@thelittledoor.com.


Blue Room

Seating Capacity 30 – 40

Warmed by the hearth nestled in the corner, the Blue Room creates a sanctuary for the perfect romantic dining experience. Underneath exposed beams, rustic wooden tables sit with banquets and chairs adorned with mutton rugs, making the room a cozy place to sit and enjoy the gourmet food. The windows, tinted in royal colours of red, green, and blue, add a feeling of easy opulence, reflecting the warmth and hospitality of The Little Door’s staff.

For more information about our Blue Room, email us at events@thelittledoor.com.